Our Initial Foray into Owning Art

My father-in-law used to work at Design Center of the Philippines. He was friends with a number of local Filipino artists and some of them gave him paintings as a gift. As such, my husband, Allan, was always exposed to art.  A museum visit was a normal dating place. However, as we were starting our family then, the only things we could afford were prints that Allan had framed in a gallery near our place. He had always dreamed of having our very own art collection.

It was a time when our son was still a toddler. We had finished renovating our apartment, and money was not as tight as it used to be.

(L-R) First two images – Garibay, next-Justiniani, Girl with a Flower-Garibay

One day, the gallery owner referred Allan to the sister of this now well-known visual artist, Mark Justiniani. Allan visited her and saw three sketches he was interested in. Although the paintings were magnificent, the only things we could spend money on were sketches. He wanted my opinion, and together, we looked at several paintings and sketches, which included mostly those from Manny Garibay. Lo and behold, I fell in love with four! All along he thought I can help him budget, he ended up purchasing more than he bargained for. Nevertheless, I still believe that art is something you simply cannot place a tag on. If it makes you happy, then it is definitely worth it.



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