PHILIPPINES International Furniture Show 2016

The PHILIPPINES International Furniture Show (PIFS) this year hosts a variety of furniture stores, lighting shops, and others.

This exhibit is located at SMX Convention Center and is ongoing until March 13, from  9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

A veritable feast for the eyes, it is definitely an interior designer’s version of heaven.

We were happy to see our teacher too, sir Mark Steven Perez of Harver Hill.

(L-R) Chelsea, Mark Perez, Jas, Lia


Let us invite you for a glimpse of what you can see at this show.



These are a few of Vito Selma’s new products. We were mesmerized by this hanging light designed to have different light effects, either focused or diffused. Pass by their booth so you could see what we are talking about. It is something you shouldn’t miss.


Obra Cebuana has a variety of modern Filipino chairs and tables to choose from.




Azcor Lighting is always something we look forward to.


This is quite different from the usual furniture. A beautiful lounge chair made out of toy soldiers.

Bam Basbas


Holistic has a different take on sustainable items. This is one of our favorite pieces.



PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design) students are exhibiting their custom made chairs for their furniture design class. Here are some of our favorites:



This light won a Red Dot Design award in 2009. Each Crystal LED light can be attached to other units and can also change colors. We enjoyed playing with the magnets and forming different combinations.



This year, Boysen has outdone themselves with their mix and match color lab. There was literally a mob of people lining up for their color matching samples. #lovedit!



Christofer Laurent Designs has an eye-catching outdoor setup using “batibot” chairs done in stainless steel paired with a silver-leafed sunburst mirror.



Artisan prints digital images on different surfaces like wood, tiles and such. It opens up new design possibilities.


This is the second year of PIFS. It’s an exhibit not only for interior designers but for other design enthusiasts as well. Watch out for our next entry featuring the upcoming Worldbex 2016.


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