Design: The Science of Attraction

It is true that many recommended restaurants and shops are determined through the quality of their products. But here are some questions: Why do we go there? Is it simply to buy their products and test them out? Or is it in the experiences we have when we take our first step into their premises?



via Huffington Post

Design has a beneficial factor on the reputation of these businesses. For example, fast food restaurants have very vibrant colors using red and yellow. These colors trigger a part in our brain which entice us to eat. That is precisely why Jollibee, McDonalds, BonChon and others use these colors.


Many stores use display windows to showcase their products. A well-designed window display should encourage passers-by to stop and take a look. That is your hook to enable them to go inside.

Zara in Athens has underground ruins as you can see on their glass floors.

Yet another factor is the layout of these shops. It has to be well organized so that people can find what they want and easily determine if it is available or not. It should be kept tidy and the space should be used wisely to maximize products on display or tables and display racks which have sufficient space for everyone to go walk around and explore what is in store for them. Some restaurants display their kitchen and as the chefs cook our meals, our mouths would water before we even get served. That is one of the things people want to enjoy, the wait for something you know will be wonderful.


Stores should also be able to stand out. You have to get their attention and make them see what makes you different and how your products or meals are superior to others. That is where proper and great design comes in. Following ergonomics and creating the correct ambience for your target market are what separate interior designers from interior decorators. Design is not only to make things pretty after all. More importantly, it is a science. Design is indeed truly important. This is what interior designers in particular are trained to do—to add value to your business and facilitate in increasing your sales.

After they experience all of these, people would normally post their experience on social media platforms. This would, in turn, help advertise your business and attract more customers, and soon it will become a very well-known and loved place where memories are forged.


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