Perfectly Bespoke

When you enter a home store, there are many choices of furniture to choose from. There will be ones that are exactly what you want for your home or there may be some which would do nicely but are the wrong color, size, material or shape. So you might get the ones which satisfy most of your objectives but then you realize that it needs to be changed since it is not perfect. Then you try selling it to get some of your money back and search everywhere for a replacement which will perfectly embody what you want for your home. Eventually, you grow tired of searching for that one piece of furniture and settle for the one you had before, still having that undeniable urge to get one that matches the design of your room. Some people might even remodel the whole room just to make it match the furniture but then it might not be what they wanted from the start, but it was better than having a room which didn’t have the right furniture for the job.

Image from Minimo

This is where custom made furniture comes in. You can get the design you want for your furniture without having to go around looking for pre-made couches. You won’t worry that it has the wrong color, it takes up too much space, or if it clashes with the design of your room. It will completely match the design you want and you may have to talk to the person making your furniture but then you won’t have to walk around as much looking for ready-made furniture. You will have to wait for a few weeks for it to be finished and delivered to your house and the price is negotiable since it is dependent on costs of material and labor. You will be able to get your furniture at possibly a little higher, or better yet, a lower price than what you would pay for. So when it arrives, you won’t go thinking that it was not the right one since you yourself chose that particular design, in the right color, the right material, and the right size. That perfectly elusive piece is not so elusive after all.

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Written by: Bruce


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