A Touch of European History

Auction houses are a great way to find unique things from vintage furniture to paintings, vases, and many more. What makes an auction house different from the usual retail furniture/gallery shop? For one, the items are one of a kind. If you are an art collector, sourcing that one-of-a-kind Olazo painting or that perfect Castrillo sculpture is surely something you can find here. In other countries, popular auction houses are Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Locally, we have the likes of Harringtons, Salcedo Auctions.

Design Trilogy Harringtons

Items sold in auction houses are not all for auction. That means in days where bidding is not conducted, auction houses sell items with a retail price.

Design Trilogy Harringtons 10

How does styling contribute to the sales of these auction houses? Knowing how to properly highlight the pieces on display is essential. At the same time, if they are designed to complement one another, more people will be interested. It will also be easier for them to determine if these products will go well with what they currently have in a home. With more people interested in these products, the more products will be sold. With more people interested in the auction, they will invite more people to the event helping them attract more customers, earning more business for the auction house.

Design Trilogy has worked with one auction house already on two occasions. One of the ventures of HMR, Harringtons is an auction house located near Sucat interchange. In this month’s auction, European products are up for sale ranging from Louis XV sofa pieces to bureaus with intricate inlays to marble tables. They are holding their next auction with these very historic products on July 9, 2 pm onwards.

Visit Harringtons Lifestyle Showroom at HMR Compound, Km 21 East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa City. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am – 8 pm.

*Written by Bruce Ancheta


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